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The Industrial Resources Council’s website is an information portal to help project designers, engineers, landscapers and other professionals achieve sustainability goals.  Whether you are interested in greener highways, greener buildings, or greenscaping, the IRC members have industrial materials appropriate for your needs.

The site is organized so the viewer can develop a basic understanding of industrial materials, what applications each of these materials is appropriately used in, and where to find technical information about each material in each application.  The site also provides industry resources and references for additional information.

As is true with virgin aggregates or other commercial materials, each material type has characteristics which make it a good fit for some but not all applications. The site provides information on a range of materials that can be used in each application. Project designers can then make knowledgeable decisions based on the suitability of materials for applications as well as local availability.

The Industrial Resources Council (IRC) is a coalition of non-profit industry associations whose individual and collective mission is market development for high volume industrial materials. Development of this website was supported by a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  The site is constantly evolving so please contact individual IRC members if you have questions about material usage not yet addressed on-line.

 IRC Member Organizations
Link to the American Coal Ash Association website Link to the Construction and Demolition Recycling Association website    Link to the American Foundry Society website
  Link to the National Council for Air and Stream Improvement website     Link to Rubber Manufacturers Association website


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